Subj:  Chicken Noodle [or rice] Soup
From:  Grizzly981
Chicken Noodle [or rice] Soup
Made from make-ahead "Best Boiled Chicken", 
or make fresh.
Serves 4-6
2           Qt Bags       "Best boiled Chicken 
and Stock", above
             Canned        Chicken Broth, as required 
to make 5 C. stock
2             Cans         Cream of Chicken Soup
8 oz         Bag          Wide noodles  [sub 3 cups 
leftover rice]
Defrost chicken and drain broth to measuring cup..  
Add canned broth to make 5 cups.. 
Transfer broth to stockpot and bring to a boil..
Add noodles* and cook 4 minutes from when the pot re-boils. 
 Add Cream of Chicken
Soup, and any vegetables you want..  Canned corn, green 
beans, stewed tomatoes, frozen
chopped spinach, broccoli, limas, whatever...  It's 
ALL good...  Add Chicken and heat
thru..  Try this with heated flour tortillas, rolled 
and end soaked in broth..  
Season to taste..
GREAT for colds...
* For Chicken and Rice Soup, Bring broth to simmer.. 
 Add soup, veggies and chicken.. 
Add rice and heat thru...

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