3/4 c  Orange juice
      1 T  Cornstarch
    1/4 t  Cardamom
    1/4 c  Honey
      1 T  Butter or margarine
      1    Egg, beaten
    ' c  Whipping cream, whipped
      1 c  Fresh pineapple chunks
      1 c  Sweet cherries, pitted and
      1 c  Honeydew melon balls OR
      1 c  Cantaloupe melon balls OR
  In small saucepan, combine orange juice and cornstarch
  and blend well. Stir in the cardamom, honey, butter
  and egg; mix well. Cook over medium heat until
  thickened, stirring constantly. Cool completely. Fold
  in whipped cream. In medium bowl, combine fruit. Serve
  with dressing. (From Pillsbury Salads and Vegetables).

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