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     HERB-BLEND-1 - A French-style mixture of herbs and seeds

     I found this in some magazine many many years ago. I usually
     make it every year or so and give it to people as presents.
     The recipients are continually asking either for the recipe
     or refills. This goes well in soups and similar things but
     is especially good in scrambled eggs.

     1/2 cup   tarragon
     1/2 cup   chervil
     2 Tbsp    sage leaves
     1/2 cup   thyme
     2 Tbsp    rosemary
     5 Tbsp    freeze-dried chopped chives
     2 Tbsp    dessicated orange rind
     2 Tbsp    ground celery seed

          (1)  Dump everything together and mix until well com-

          (2)  Pack into small jars and label (the now-empty
               spice jars that held the ingredients are a good

     Store in a cool dry place. Crumble spices in hand when

     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 5 minutes.  Precision: approximate
     measurement OK.

     Bill Selig
     NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, USA
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