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     CRAB-BUTTER - Incredible crab or shrimp dip
     My first encounter with this dip came at a New 
Year's party
     a few years ago.  I was standing by the munchies 
table try-
     ing not to embarrass myself too much, when a woman 
came up
     to me and pointed out this dip.  She explained 
to me that at
     a previous party she had lost control eating it 
and got a
     It's incredibly rich, and requires a lot of will 
power not
     to eat too much.
INGREDIENTS (Serves 6 gluttons)
     1/2 cup   butter
     1 cup     cream cheese
     1/4 cup   mayonnaise
     6 oz      crab meat
     1         onion (medium to large, chopped fine)
     some      cocktail sauce
     2 Tbsp    lemon juice
     1/2 tsp   crushed garlic (or a pinch of instant 
     1 Tbsp    Worcestershire sauce
          (1)  Allow butter and cream cheese to soften 
          (2)  Mix mayo, butter and cream cheese.  Do 
not use a
               blender, as the mixture will get soupy.
          (3)  Add lemon juice, garlic, worcestershire 
               pepper, etc. to taste.
          (4)  Mix in crab (or whatever) and onion. 
 Of the
               choices, I feel crab is the best.
          (5)  Chill at least two hours, cover with 
               sauce.  This is an important part of 
the recipe.
     I recommend Wakefield crab meat, Shrimp or Shrimp 
& Crab.  I
     usually use Crosse & Blackwell's cocktail sauce, 
but feel
     free to use any kind that you trust.  You can make 
your own
     simple cocktail sauce by mixing 3 parts catsup 
to 1 part
     horseradish and adding tabasco, garlic, worcestershire 
     to taste.
     Serve over Triscuits (they're nice and strong, 
to survive
     heavy scooping) or veggies.  Irish is the friend 
from whom I
     got this recipe.
     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 5 minutes preparation, 
2 hours
     cooling.  Precision: approximate measurement OK.
     Larry Tepper
     AT&T Information Systems, Denver
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