SPAGH-SAUCE-2(MV)        USENET Cookbook        SPAGH-SAUCE-2(MV)
     SPAGH-SAUCE-2 - Very easy and cheap spaghetti sauce
     This recipe is from Consumer Reports, which rated 
it as much
     better than most bottled sauces-and cheaper.
     You can add whatever additional ingredients you 
like (mush-
     rooms, tomatoes, etc.) to this basic recipe.
     3 Tbsp    olive oil
     1         garlic clove
     1         small onion, chopped
     28 oz     crushed tomatoes
     16 oz     tomato paste
     1 cup     water
     2 tsp     dried basil
     1/4 tsp   black pepper
     3/4 tsp   salt (or less to taste)
               oregano (optional)
          (1)  Brown the garlic in the olive oil in 
a 6-quart
          (2)  Add the onion and brown until transparent. 
               can sauté a tomato in here also 
if you want.)
          (3)  Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer 
for 30
               minutes, stirring often.  (Longer cooking 
     It is better than bottled sauces!
     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 5 minutes chopping, 30 
or more
     minutes cooking.  Precision: no need to measure.
     Evelyn C. Leeper
     AT&T Information Systems, Holmdel NJ
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