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     BRIAMI - Greek vegetable casserole
     This is a very colourful vegetable dish from Greece. 
I got
     the recipe out of a Greek cookbook.
     1         eggplant
     2 lbs     zucchini
     4         medium potatoes
     2         green peppers
     1         red pepper
     2         medium onions
     1 cup     olive oil
     4         medium tomatoes
     2         cloves garlic
     1 tsp     sugar
               salt and pepper to taste
          (1)  Prepare the vegetables: Cut the eggplant, 
               and potatoes in bite sized chunks (do 
not peel the
               zucchini or the eggplant). Remove the 
stems and
               seeds from the peppers and slice them 
into strips.
               Peel and slice the onions. Dice the tomatoes.
          (2)  Sauté the vegetables except the 
tomatoes in the
               olive oil in small batches. Sauté 
each batch for 2
               or 3 minutes, then remove from the pan, 
trying to
               drain some of the oil so that enough 
oil is left
               for the next batch. When you're done, 
most (if not
               all) of the oil should be gone from the 
          (3)  Place the sautéed vegetables in 
a baking dish and
               toss them briefly so that you won't get 
only one
               kind of vegetable in one place.
          (4)  Add the tomatoes into the pan and sauté 
for a cou-
               ple of minutes.  Crush the garlic and 
add to the
               tomatoes. Add the sugar, salt and pepper 
to taste
               and simmer for another minute.
          (5)  Pour the tomato sauce on top of the vegetables 
               bake at 350 deg. F or until the vegetables 
          (6)  Serve with plenty of fresh bread and, 
if you like,
               some feta cheese on the side.
     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 30-45 minutes preparation, 
1 hour
     baking.  Precision: No need to measure.
     Kriton Kyrimis
     Princeton University, Computer Science Dept., Princeton, 
New Jersey, USA    allegra!princeton!kyrimis
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