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  Subject:        VEGAN: Oatmeal Cookies (w/ honey)
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Just would like to share a recipe I got from my dear 
mother a few months 
ago. I make them about twice a month and IMO, they are 
                     Healthy Oatmeal Cookies
                           Serves  18
  A scrumptious, healthy, guilt-free cookie that will 
                  satisfy one's "sweet jones."
3      cups oatmeal (flour)
1/2    cup oatmeal
1/2    cup whole wheat flour
1      cup Sucanat* (granulated cane juice)
1      cup shredded coconut
3      tablespoons Featherweight* (baking powder)
1      teaspoon salt, Optional
1      cup chopped walnuts
1      cup raisins
4      tablespoons water
2      teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2    cup honey (raw)
1      16 oz. can pineapple
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 
2. In large bowl, combine all dry ingredients. 
3. In blender, mix water, vanilla extract, honey and 
   Add to above contents. 
4. Drop by spoonfuls on to non-stick baking sheet at 
350 degrees
F. for 10-12 minutes.

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