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  Subject:        VEGAN: Onion bhajis
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by onion bhajis, i presume you mean the batter dipped 
ones.  Ok,
these are pretty easy to make.
Cut 1 medium sized onion into  thin slices.
Take bengal gram flour, i don't know the exact amount 
so just
approximate.  Mix water in this until the consistency 
is such
that it pour out thick.  Add a little salt & some 
red chilli
powder (if u like it spicy).  
Heat some (actually 1 cup) oil in a small wok or frying 
Dip the onion in the batter & then insert it into 
the oil when
the oil begins to send out strong fumes.  Let it fry 
in the oil
for some time & then turn it around.  Actually, 
the first one
usually gets screwed up, so go ahead & keep trying.
You can use the following vegetables instead of onion:
bell peppers 
raw bananas
ripe bananas (yum)
You can even use bread instead of onion if u like.  
That tastes 
really good. :-)
Hope this helped.
P.S.  You could even use a mixture of all the veggies. 
instead of deep frying in oil, my roommate & I do 
the foll:
Take a small non-stick vessel, pour a little oil in 
it.  Let it
head & spread on to all the sides.  Then our in 
yur batter.  Just
like fried egg actually.  Turn it around once the top 
side is one
& most important, cook on slow fire.

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