LASAGNE-2(MV)            USENET Cookbook            LASAGNE-2(MV)
     LASAGNE-2 - A vegetable lasagne with spinach, mushrooms 
     This vegetarian dish can be served on its own or 
with a side
     salad.  My thanks to Erica and Milica who gave 
me this
     recipe and who tried different vegetable combinations 
     the corn stopped falling out of the sides. Experiment 
     yourself-substitute different vegetables according 
to the
     season and your preference.
INGREDIENTS (Serves four to six people)
     1         medium onion, chopped
     1/2 lb    carrots, grated
     1 lb      spinach
     5 oz      sweetcorn, drained (1/2 tin)
     1/4 lb    mushrooms, coarsely chopped
     8 oz      lasagne noodles (1/2 packet)
     2         garlic cloves
     1/4 lb    cheese, grated
     2 1/2 cups
     2 oz      cornflour (cornstarch)
     2 oz      butter
          (1)  Gently fry the carrots and garlic in 
some butter,
               set aside.
          (2)  Gently fry the onions and mushrooms in 
               butter, set aside.
          (3)  Wash the spinach and cook gently in a 
               without adding any water. Stir frequently. 
               really does work and it stops it from 
going slimy.
               Add the corn to this and set aside.
          (4)  Now make the white sauce.  Melt the butter 
in a
               saucepan, take it off the heat, add the 
               Mix this well.  Slowly add the milk, 
stirring all
               the time. It is important not to stop 
               even for a moment.  Return it to the 
heat and keep
               stirring until it thickens.
          (5)  Now build your lasagne.  Take a large 
square oven-
               proof dish at least 2 inches deep (we 
use one
               about 8x12 inches for the quantities 
given) and
               assemble in layers starting with a layer 
               lasagne, then a layer of sauce, then 
one of the
               previously-prepared vegetable pairs. 
 Repeat the
               lasagne, sauce, vegetable pair combination 
               more.  At this point you should, if all 
has gone
               well, run out of vegetables.  Finish 
off with
               lasagne and then sauce.
          (6)  Top with the cheese and sprinkle on a 
               paprika if you want.
          (7)  Bake for about 35 mins at 350 deg. F.
          (8)  The servings should stay whole as you 
serve them.
     Difficulty: easy, but remember to stir the sauce. 
 Time: 20
     minutes preparation, 35 minutes cooking.  Precision: 
no need
     to measure.
     Calvin Sambrook
     STC Telecomunications Ltd, New Southgate, London.
     calvin@stc     mcvax!ukc!stc!calvin
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