Please read while your browser loads the animated sign.
    In order to view these animated signs, you must have Apple's QuickTime PlugIn installed in your browser's PlugIns folder. If the animation frame above is too small to view the animated sign, you can drag its lower frame border down until you reach the bottom of this frame that you are reading. Alternatively, you can drag the border up to make this frame easier to read.

    Please note that the definitions and signs on these animated ASL pages were not written by me, and are not part of the Basic Guide to ASL. I have chosen to add these pages to enhance your usage of the ASL Dictionary, and because I feel that the American Sign Language Browser CD-ROM is a good resource which can aid you in learning ASL.

    You will most likely find differences in the word definitions. This is true of most languages, as different regions have developed their own adaptations of the languages. Please remember that the purpose of sign language is to communicate effectively. Instead of being concerned about which is the "correct" way to sign a word, try to find the similarity between the differing signs. This will allow you to grasp the apperception of the sign without being hindered by semantics.

    To see the sign animation, simply click the small triangle in the lower left corner of the movie window. Click it again to replay the sign. Use your browser's back button to return to your previous location in the ASL Dictionary.

    Any questions or comments that you may have about the American Sign Language Browser should be directed to the creators of the program.
    If you have trouble using these animated pages, please let me know. (


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