I want to get some fonts from your collection


    I know how frustrating it can be to find a resource like our font collection, take the time to look through it and find something that you really want, and then find that the file won't transfer properly. This page is intended to help you eliminate that situation. If this page does not address your specific problem, please let me know (masterstech@masterstech-home.com) the nature of the trouble that you are having.

    This is the scenario: You select the font that you want to download, but instead of transferring the font file, your browser opens a new window and you see "(This file must be converted with Binhex 4.0)" followed by a bunch of code characters.
    The problem is not complicated, and fixing it should not be either, but it will require a little effort on your part. The problem is simply that your browser is not configured to recognize the Binhex (.hqx) file format. Since technically, Binhex is text, unless you instruct your browser how to handle files with the .hqx suffix, it will simply display the file as the text that it is, instead of downloading it the way you would expect.
    "OK, thanks for that bit of techno-bore, now what should I do?"

    You actually have a few options to choose from.

  1. Use a better browser. Both Netscape and Microsoft's Internet Destroyer (oops, Explorer that is) are pre-configured to recognize .hqx files, and will transfer them correctly.
        I realize that for many of you, America Online is your only connection to the Internet. Although you would be much better off going through a real ISP (Internet Service Provider), I know that there are still areas where that kind of service is not available, and you must use the browser that AOL provides you. Which brings us to your second option.

  2. If you are using AOL version 3.0 (or later), you can use Netscape to browse the web through AOL's connection. Although the file transfer will be slower than going through an ISP, it will work properly.
        If, for whatever reason, you cannot use either of the two browsers mentioned above, you still have another option.

  3. Configure AOL's browser so that it knows how to recognize and process .hqx files.
        On a Macintosh, select "Preferences" from the "Members" menu, then select the "Helpers" section of the preferences. Click the "Create" button. In the window that appears, put ".hqx" (no quotes) in the "Or the following suffixes" box. Then use the "Select" button and navigate to either Binhex 4.0  or StuffIt Expander  (or another utility which converts Binhex). Click "OK" and you're done.
        Since I'm a "Mac Brat", if you are using Windows or another operating system, I cannot give you specific instructions on how to set your browser's preferences, but it should be similar. If you cannot get it to work properly, I recommend that you talk to AOL's tech help at keyword CSLIVE. If you cannot get help or the desired results from them, you still have another option.

  4. Although this option is not really convenient, it should work.
        Go ahead and select the font that you want, and after your browser indicates that it is done loading the page, save the page as text, then convert the saved page with whatever Binhex converting utility you have.
    I hope that one of these options will enable you to get the font files that you want. If you still have problems downloading the fonts after you have tried the suggestions here, please email me (masterstech@masterstech-home.com) and I will see what else can be done to help you. When you write, please include your specific operating system, and the browser name and version number that you are using.
    Lastly, don't feel bad because other people have also referred to this page for help.

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