The Bible Heading

    Over the centuries, the Bible has been passed down and read by generation after generation. Some believe it to be a fantastic historical treasure; others a book to live by; and others simply a fantastic story woven over time. There are those who believe it to be the "Word of God" given to us for comfort and guidance. They believe that God speaks to us through his "Word" and thereby gives us wisdom, knowledge, and guidance in our daily lives. Through it, we can learn many things, including how to accept God's gift to us, which is life eternal. Maybe God will speak to you today through this Random Reading!

    No matter what you believe the Bible to be, it certainly has a wealth of information on history and human nature. Reading it can be both comforting and enlightening.

    At The Master's Tech Home Library  we would like to present you the opportunity to either search the Bible, or simply read it, chapter by chapter. We are presenting it to you a chapter at a time in order to provide you with relatively quick access to the text. It is important to remember, however, that the Bible is a continuous book, and the subject matter does not always begin or end in any given chapter. The Old Testament Books, New Testament Books, and the Psalms are indexed by chapter for your convenience.

    No matter what you find the Bible to be for you, we hope you enjoy reading and searching it. If you would like your own copy of the Bible, it can be purchased online from

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