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    Below are two search forms, each with a different purpose.
Use the first form to quickly access all the books of the Bible where a given word (boolean) exists. This form will search the entire Bible at The Master's Tech Home.
    The second form will provide you with specific chapters or verses, and references to other passages which contain the word or phrase searched, along with footnotes. Use this form if you wish to study the passages while online, and want to be able to compare the search item with different versions of the Bible.

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The search terms you input do not have to be complete words. For example, "free," will match occurrences of free, freedom, freeforall, etc.
Do not include asterisks or other non-alphanumeric characters in your search terms unless you actually want them included (as with "C++") as part of your search.

What the Bible Says About...
Starts With (Example: "love" finds Love, Lovefeasts, Lovers.)
Exact (Example: "love" finds Love.)

Please let me know if you have trouble using this Bible search page.

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