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Angel Cross Stitch This is a cross-stitch pattern of an angel.

Make matching pillows, pillowcases, towels, and sachet.
Flower Pot Cover The image is a pattern which is used to make a flower pot cover.
Gingerbread-Man Sweatshirt Use the pattern and the instructions to make a fun Gingerbread-Man sweatshirt.
Heart Pins Use the pattern and the instructions to make fragrant heart pins.

Jacket with Flowers Make a jacket with flowers for those strolls in the Fall.
Jewel Box Cover Here is the diagram for making the cover pattern.
Necktie Vest Here's a clever way to use those out-dated neckties and old blue jeans. The instructions and a little time for fun will make a snappy vest.

Santa Sweatshirt Make a Santa sweatshirt for the Holiday season.

Snowman Sweatshirt Make a Snowman sweatshirt and have two seasonal items to keep you warm.
Pattern 1 | Pattern 2
The Big Easy Afghan This is a more ambitious project, but well worth the effort if you are wanting to make your own cozy afghan. Here are the instructions for the project.

Victorian Gingerbread Pillow Make a pillow with Victorian Gingerbread houses as the cover. Use the image as a pattern.

Woven Star Afghan Here's another afghan project for those of you who have many cold friends or relatives you're thinking of.

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