Gingerbread-man Sweatshirt

* YOU'LL NEED: Sweatshirt; paper-backed fusible web; scraps tan and red
fabric; cream and tan embroidery floss (DMC 712 and 436); six 1/4" pearl
shirt buttons; red and tan thread; red pencil.

1. Prewash fabric and sweatshirt. 
2. Cut rib off neck and waist, leaving finished edge on shirt. 
3. Turn under neck edge 1/2"; pin. With matching thread, stitch 3/8" from 
    fold, stretching neck slightly around curves. 
4. Turn up hem 1". Stitch 2 rows 1/4" apart along raw edge. 
5. Using 3 strands of tan floss, stitch 1/2" cross-stitches 1/2" apart
    along hem and neckline, carrying thread from stitch to stitch. 
6. Trace gingerbread-man pattern. Fuse web to wrong side of tan fabric, 
    leaving paper on. Trace pattern 3 times on web paper and cut out. 
    Fuse one to front of shirt 3" below neck edge. Fuse other two on either 
    side, slightly higher. With tan thread, buttonhole-stitch or machine satin
    stitch around edges. 
7. Fuse hearts to gingerbread men. 
8. With 2 strands floss, work tan straight stitches around heart. With cream
    color, sew on button eyes, straight-stitch tiny nose and V-shaped mouth,
    cross-stitch along wrists and ankles. 
9. Color cheeks with red pencil.

Gingerbread-man Sweatshirt Pattern

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