Woven-Star Afghan

* SIZE: 41" x 57" plus 2 1/2" fringe. * YOU'LL NEED: 1 1/3 yd (5 x 7
squares) Zweigart Novara afghan-cut fabric, beige 7513/022 (to order,
call Needleworker's Delight toll-free, 800-931-4545); 15 skeins DMC
Retors Mat Cotton thread, blue 2336; 7" square of lightweight cardboard;
craft knife; fabric marker; large-eyed tapestry needle.

1. Trim fabric to have 5 rows of 7 squares, plus 2 1/2" outside border
    for fringe. 
2. Trace a star pattern. Trace whole star onto center of cardboard and 
    cut out with craft knife, leaving background intact. Trace star in center 
    of every other afghan square with the marker. 
3. Bands: Thread needle with a 46" strand of blue cotton. Each band on 
    the afghan has 6 pairs of raised threads with 5 spaces between them. 
    Run strand along a space on a short band, slipping it under the crosswise 
    threads. Leave ends free. Repeat in each space of each short band. Then 
    run threads along the longer bands, weaving only under the blue threads 
    at intersections. 
4. Stars: With 2 strands blue thread, outline star with running stitches over 
    3 threads and under 2 alternately. Keep corners crisp. Weave ends along 
    star for 1" and clip. 5. Fringe: Pull off and save horizontal threads from 
    edges, but leave 3 rows of woven threads in place next to afghan. Thread 
    one free strand in needle. With right side of afghan facing you, tie strand
    at right-hand corner around 6 fringe threads. Bring needle to front at
    left of group, insert to back in woven edge above fringe group; wrap
    thread around next 6 threads, pull tight and insert in woven edge above.
    Continue around afghan, tucking thread ends into fringe.

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