Snowman Sweatshirt

* YOU'LL NEED: A sweatshirt; 2/3 yd of 44"-wide white 100% cotton fabric
and 12" x 15" plaid cotton; ball buttons: two 5/8" black, one each 1/2"
red and 3/4" orange; two 3/4" flower buttons; washable fabric glue; 9" x
12" HeatnBond iron-on adhesive (from fabric store); drawing compass.

1. Wash and dry sweatshirt. 
2. Fringe: Tear eight 1 7/8"-wide strips across the white cotton. Stack and 
    pin 4 strips each. Fold stacks in half lengthwise; press. Stitch along folded 
    edge through all layers. Cut every 1/4" to make fringe (Pattern 1.JPG). 
    Hand wash, then dry in a dryer along with a terry towel. 
3. Head: Cut a 4 3/4" circle from the HeatnBond. Fuse to center front of shirt. 
    Starting at top, cut and glue strips of fringe across circle to cover, applying 
    glue to circle. 
4. Scarf: Tear one 2 1/2" x 8" and one 2 1/2" x 10" strips of plaid cotton.
    Pull threads off sides and one end each to make 1/4" fringes. Gather
    other end with running stitches. Glue gathered ends to each side of head
    near bottom; tie knot and glue scarf next to knot. 
5. Hat: Enlarge crown and brim patterns (Pattern 2.JPG). Trace onto bonding 
    material and cut out. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse each 
    shape to back of plaid fabric and cut out. Fuse crown to shirt and across top 
    1 1/2" of snowman's head. Fuse brim to back of another plaid piece; trim. 
    Glue lower edge of brim to lower edge of crown; glue ends to shirt. Turn 
    down brim; sew on flower buttons. Glue to crown behind buttons. 
6. Sew button face.

Snowman Sweatshirt Pattern 1 & Pattern 2

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