The Big Easy Afghan

(See Knit Abbreviations below)

SIZE: 45" X 60".

YOU'LL NEED: Yarn: Classic Elite La Gran Mohair (11/2-oz--42-g--90-yd
skein mohair/ wool/nylon yarn), 7 skeins each thyme 6518 (color A),
melon 6588 (B) and natural 6516 (C) (to order, call Ernel Yarns
toll-free 800-343-4874; for where to buy, call 508-453-2837); knitting
needles: 24" or 36" circular needle size 15 (10.00 mm) or size that
gives you the correct gauge; crochet hook for attaching fringe.

GAUGE: With 2 strands together, 9 sts = 4" in chevron pattern.

NOTE: Work back and forth on circular needle; do not join rnd.

CHEVRON PATTERN (a multiple of 14 sts plus 5; see Afghan, below): Row 1
(right side): K 3, *yo, k 5, k 3 tog, k 5, yo, k 1; repeat from * to
last 2 sts, k 2. Row 2: K 3, p to last 3 sts, k 3. Row 3: K across. Row
4 (wrong side): Repeat Row 1. Row 5: K across. Row 6: Repeat Row 2. Rows
7 through 12: Repeat Rows 1 through 6.

RIDGE PATTERN (4 rows reverse stockinette): Beginning on right side, k 2
rows, p 1 row, k 1 row.

AFGHAN: With 2 strands A, cast on 103 sts. Beginning on right side, (p 1
row, k 1 row) twice. Cut A; join B. Work 12 rows of chevron pattern. Cut
B; join C. Work 4 rows of ridge pattern. Continue to alternate chevron
and ridge patterns in different colors, rotating colors A, B and C. Work
until afghan measures about 60", ending with Row 4 of a ridge pattern.
Bind off: With same color as last row, k 2, lift first st over the
second to bind off loosely. Continuing to bind off after you make each
st, k 1, * yo, p 5, p 3 tog, p 5, yo, p l; repeat from *, end k 2.
Finishing: Weave in yarn ends. Fringe: Hold two 12" strands A tog; fold
in half. With a crochet hook, pull fold from front to back partway
through a st at lower edge to form a loop; pull ends through loop to
knot. Knot a fringe in each st at upper and lower edges, changing color
every 4". Trim ends even.

KNIT ABBREVIATIONS K--knit; p--purl; st--stitch; tog--together; yo--wrap
yarn around needle (under needle to front, over needle to back).

The Big Easy Afghan Display

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