Come on in and make yourself comfortable. Our library has collections of reading, learning, and reference materials. Feel free to stay as long as you like so you can enjoy whatever you find that interests you here. There's a pot of hot coffee on the desk, and we'll keep the fireplace glowing warm and cozy.

    The first item which we would like to make available to you is the Bible. The entire Bible is here for you to read and search.
    We also have available for learning and reference, A Basic Guide to American Sign Language. This on-going dictionary project was recently completed, thanks to my wife for her dedicated help.
    We have a rather large collection of fonts. If you are involved in desktop publishing, or have other projects for which you need a variety of fonts, you can browse our collection and easily see what a font looks like before you take the time to download it!

Happy reading! has a few more books available than we do in our library; in fact millions more. You can search their entire collection using the form below, and if you find a book which you would like to read, it can be purchased online, usually at a discount price.
    You can search for the Bible and devotional guides, American Sign Language learning aids, typography and desktop publishing books, or for any other reading material that you find to be interesting.

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