There are many new workplace resources. The following is a small sample designed to assist your participation in telework. The resources listed include both retail and free information sources.

Check out this list of internet resources for telecommuting and related new workplace information.

A Newletter for Women with Home Based Offices
Business Related WWW Resources
Domain Names (Internet, Legal, Law, Trademark, Service Mark, Protection)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Other Government Servers
EPA Internet Links
General Services Administration - Center for Information Technology Implementation
Home Based Business
Home Based Business Yellow Pages
Marketing a Home-based Business
Small Business Administration Home Page
Small Business Advancement Center
Technology Transfer Office Home Page
Telecommuting '96 - A conference by University of N. Florida
Telecommuting, Teleworking and Alternative Officing
Telecommuting with ISDN
Taxsites - IRS Forms, Instructions and Publications
The Smart Valley Telecommuting Guide
The Telecommuting Archive
U.S. Consumer Information Center

Virtual Office Home Page
What is A Virtual Corporation?

Internet and Electronic Information Sources

Telecommute America! Home Page. In-depth program details, downloadable how-to files including a copy of this brochure, Telecommute America! Symposia, an on-line survey for Telecommute America! participants, a place to post information about Telecommute America! participation and links to other telecommuting resources available on the Internet. You'll also find a listing of program sponsors, co-sponsors and endorsers. This page supports all browsers and is located at URL

The Telecommuting Archive. This Electronic Frontier Foundation World Wide Web page supports most browsers and provides links to allow users to download the Smart Valley Telecommuting Guide, as well as various government documents related to telecommuting and the U.S information infrastructure. The URL is

TeleConX. An electronic communications and information system developed, operated and maintained by the Cooperative Administrative Support Program. This BBS supports users with private e-mail, public discussion forums, teleconferences, file libraries, polls and questionnaires. TeleConX is open to anyone interested in home-based and alternative worksite service delivery cooperatives. Direct modem access by dialing 202-501-7741 or telnet to to the Fedworld BBS and select the TeleConX gateway (No. 56).

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