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One of the reasons Teleport has such a large and successful web site is that we out-and-out encourage our subscribers to create their own home pages. So here's a list of resources to help you build your own site here at Teleport.
(But if you just don't want to bother, we can do it for you...)

Required Reading
Teleport WWW FAQ

comp.infosystems.www newsgroups FAQs
All kinds of detailed information and resources about both exploring and building websites
How to Create Your Own Web Page at Teleport
Specific instructions on how to get your page on our server.
The Web Masters' Page
An enormous compendium of links and information
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Another enormous compendium
Web Communications - Publishing on the Web
Still another!
Authors & Webmasters Forum
Discussion group for builders
The Ethics of Web Site Engineering
A very thoughtful article on what we're all doing out here

HyperText Markup Language
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
One of the basic tutorials of the web.
Elements of HTML
A useful breakdown of how HTML documents are constructed and written.
HTML Documentation
Another good starting point.
HyperText Mark-up Language
The official word from the birthplace of the web.
A List of HTML Converters
Convert html to other formats and vice-versa
Best Bookmarks for Builders
Quite simply, the Webmistress' own bookmarks file, updated frequently
HTML Validation Service
This will take a look at your page and check your markup for you.
Extensions to HTML
Netscape's non-standard markup tags

Graphics and Design
The Teleport Graphics Bank
A free service that can add colorful images to your pages without costing you disk quota or causing you bandwidth problems
Transparent GIFs
How to make your images appear to float effortlessly on the page
The Color Specifier For Netscape 1.1
One way to get "hex" codes for background and text colors in Netscape
Background Colors
Another way to do the same thing
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
One of the best filter packages for Photoshop, and a lot of fun for web designers
Interactive Graphics Generation Page
One of the coolest pages ever! It's an automagical on-the-fly raytracer that will generate 3D bullets and bars in your choice of colors, shapes, sizes and textures, make them transparent, and then let you download and use the results!
Photoshop f/x Online Companion
Web page companion to the book of the same name; great collection of freeware and shareware filters for Photoshop
Sandra's Clip Art Server
More public domain clip art than you can shake a mouse at
Pattern Land!
An enormous archive of public domain background patterns, especially plaids for some reason

Cool Tricks
NCSA Imagemap Tutorial
Imagemaps are those clickable pictures, like the one on the bottom of this page that has the "Home," "Search," "Almanac," "Help" and "Email" choices.
Submit It!
A one-stop index registration center
Carlos' FORMS Tutorial
Learn all about how to make forms on your home page
Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial
How to password-protect your website
Nifty Authors Page Stuff
How to get those nifty pictures and messages next to your listing in the Teleport Authors Pages
Get Your Hits
Use this form to find out how many times your pages have been accessed


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