(See Abbreviations and Terms, below)

* SIZE: 8"w x 4"h x 2"d. * YOU'LL NEED: 1 1/2 yd cotton fabric; crochet
hook size K (6.50 mm).

* Tear 1 1/4"-wide strip across fabric, stopping 1" before each selvage
to make strip continuous. Roll strip into a ball. As you crochet, fold
strip to right side and trim or gather in excess where strip widens at
selvages. Basket: Starting at center, ch 11. Rnd 1: Sc in 2nd ch from
hook and next 8 ch; 3 sc in last ch; on opposite side of ch, sc in next
8 ch, 2 sc in last ch (22 sc). Do not turn; mark beg of rnds. Rnd 2: Sc
in first sc, work 2 sc (inc) in next sc, sc in 7 sc, inc in next sc, sc
in next sc, inc in next sc, sc in 9 sc, inc in last sc (26 sc). Rnd 3:
Work 1 sc, inc, 9 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, 9 sc, inc, 1 sc (30 sc). Rnds 4
through 8: Sc in each sc around to make sides; end last rnd with sl st
in next sc. Fasten off. Handles: From right side, sk 2 sc after joining,
join in next sc, ch 22; sk 7 sts, pull last st through next st to wrong
side without twisting chain. Fasten off. Sk next 6 sc, join in next sc,
work handle as before. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Beg-beginning; CC-contrasting color; ch-chain; dc-double crochet;
dec-decrease; hdc-half double crochet; inc-increase; k-knit; lp-loop;
MC-main color; p-purl; psso-pass slipped stitch over; rnd-round;
sc-single crochet; sk-skip; sl-slip; sl st-slip stitch; sp-space;
st(s)-stitch(es); tog-together; tr-treble crochet; yo-yarn over hook or
needle. Asterisk (*)-repeat instructions following asterisk as directed.
Brackets []-changes for larger sizes. Parentheses()-follow enclosed
instructions as directed; also used to enclose changes in stitch count.
Stockinette stitch-k 1 row (right side of work), p 1 row, alternately.
Garter stitch-k each row.

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