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Up Kangaroo The vertical right arm represents the kangaroo's body, the index and little fingers the ears, and the thumb touching the middle and ring fingers, the snout. With the upturned cupped left hand resting on the right arm near the elbow, to represent the pouch, the signer executes a series of short forward jumping motions.
Up Karate Using both hands and arms, the signer mimes the chopping motions of karate.
Up Keep
(kept, keeping, preserve, etc.)
The 'K' hands are crossed, the right above the left, little finger edges down. In this position the hands are moved up and down a short distance.
Up Keep a secret The right 'S' hand is placed thumb side against the lips. It swings to the palm-down position, held tightly against the lips.
Up Keep quiet The index finger is placed forcefully against the closed lips. The signer frowns or looks stern.
Up Ketchup The left hand grasps an imaginary bottle while the downturned right hand hits the bottom (of the bottle) repeatedly, as in trying to shake the Ketchup out of the bottle.
Up Key
The right hand, holding an imaginary key, twists it in the open left palm, which is facing right.
Up Keyboard The signer types on an imaginary keyboard, and then the downturned index fingers trace a rectangle, indicating the shape of the keyboard.
Up Keyhole Holding onto an imaginary key with the right fingers, the signer twists it forward and back in front of a small hole formed by the left hand.
Up Kick The right 'B' hand, palm facing the body and fingers pointing downward, swings in an arch to the left hitting the side of the left 'S' hand, which is held palm up.
Up Kickoff The middle finger of the right hand flicks out of the open, upturned left palm.
Up Kid The index and little fingers of the right hand, held palm down, are extended, pointing to the left. The index finger is placed under the nose and the hand trembles somewhat.
Up Kidding The knuckles of the right 'X' hand move sharply forward along the thumb edge of the left 'X' hand.
Up Kidney The open right hand, palm up, taps repeatedly on an area of the right middle ribcage.
Up Kill
(killed, killing, murder)
The outstretched right index finger is passed under the downturned left hand. As it moves under the left hand, the right wrist twists in a clockwise direction.
Up Kilogram The right 'K' hand is balanced back and forth as it rests on the index finger of the left 'G' hand.
Up Kilometer Both hands are first held in the 'K' position. They change to the 'M' position, side by side, and move apart.
Up Kin The 'D' hands, palms facing the body and index fingers pointed towards each other, alternately swing up and down. The index fingertips touch each other each time they pass.
Up Kind
Both right-angle hands roll over each other as they move down and away from their initial position at the heart.
Up Kind
(type of)
The right 'K' hand revolves once around the left 'K' hand. This is used to described a class or group.
Up Kindergarten The right hand makes a 'K' and shakes it back and forth. The right open hand then comes down on the left palm, clapping several times.
Up Kindle The right hand, holding onto an imaginary match, strikes it against the open left palm, which is facing right.
Up King The right 'K' hand travels down from the left shoulder to the right hip, indicating the royal sash.
Up Kingdom The sign for 'King' is made, and then the hands, holding imaginary reins move alternately back and forth. The downturned open right hand then swings from right to left over the downturned left 'A' hand.
Up Kiss With fingers touching their thumbs, both hands are brought together. They tremble slightly, indicating the degree of intensity of the kiss.
Up Kitchen The right 'K' hand is placed palm down on the upturned left palm. It flips over to the palm-up position and comes to rest again on the upturned left palm (as in flipping a pancake).
Up Kite Looking up, the signer tugs on an imaginary kit string several times. Both hands may be used.
Up Kitten The signer pretends to craddle (rock) a baby, and then tugs on imaginary cat whiskers with the thumb and index finger of one hand.
Up Knead The signer pretends to knead dough with the fingers of boths hands facing each other.
Up Knee The signer points to one of their own knees.
Up Kneel The knuckles of the right index and middle fingers are placed in the upturned left palm. This action may be repeated.
Up Knife The edge of the right 'H' hand, resting on the edge of its left counterpart, moves forward several times, as if shaving layers of flesh.
Up Knit The index fingers, pointing forward, are rubbed back and forth against each other. (Also the sign for socks or stockings)
Up Knob The signer pretends to grasp and turn a door knob.
Up Knock The right knuckles tap against the palm of the left hand, which is facing right.
Up Knock down The right 'S' hand hits the upturned left index finger. The right 'V' hand, palm up and fingers pointing to the left, slides along the upturned left palm, from base to fingertips.
Up Knot Both 'A' hands go through hand-over-hand motions of tying and untying a knot.
Up Know
(knew, known, knowing)
The right fingers pat the forehead several times.
Up Know nothing The sign for 'Know' is made, and then the little finger edge of the right 'O' hand is brought sharply into the upturned left palm. This sign emphasizes a complete lack of knowledge.
Up Know well The fingertips strike the forehead repeatedly as the signer wears an intense expression.
Up Knowledge The right fingers tap the forehead several times, indicating something of value inside.

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