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Up Yard
The downturned right 'Y' hand is placed on the shoulder of the downturned left arm. The right hand moves down the arm to the left fingertips.
Up Year The right 'S' hand, palm facing left, represents the earth. It is positioned atop the left 'S' hand, whose palm faces right, and represents the sun. The right 'S' hand describes a clockwise circle around the left, coming to rest in its original position.
Up Year-round The right index finger, resting on the left index, goes forward around the left once, coming back to where it began.
Up Years The sign for "year" is made twice.
Up Yellow The right 'Y' hand is shaken slightly at the wrist.
Up Yes Nod the right 'S' hand up and down with palm facing forward.
Up Yesterday,
A short time ago
The thumb tip of the right 'A' or 'Y' hand, palm facing left, rests on the right cheek. It then moves back a short distance.
Up You
(singular pronoun)
The signer points to the person he is addressing.
Up You
(plural pronoun)
The signer points to several persons before him, or swings his index finger in an arc from left to right.
Up Young
(youth, youthful)
The fingertips of both open hands, placed on either side of the chest just below the shoulders, move up and off the chest, in unison, to a point just above the shoulders. This repeated several times.
Up Your The right '5' hand, palm facing out, moves straight out toward the person you are talking to.
Up You're welcome The right hand, fingers together and palm facing left, is placed in the upturned left palm, whose fingers point away from the body. The right hand slides straight out along the left palm, over the left fingers, and stops with its heel resting on the left fingertips.
Up Yourself The signer moves his upright thumb in the direction of the person spoken to.
Up Yourselves The signer moves his upright thumb toward several people before him, in a series of small forward movements from left to right.

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