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Up Take The right hand, palm out, is extended before the chest, index finger and thumb in a open position, the other fingers separated and pointing up. The hand is drawn in toward the chest, and the index and thumb close at the same time, indicating something taken to oneself.
Up Tale
Both open hands are held close to each other, with fingers open and palms facing and almost touching. As the hands are drawn apart, the thumb and index finger of each hand come together to form circles. This is repeated several times.
Up Talk
(say, speech, tell)
Make a small forward circle movement in front of the mouth with the right index finger.
Up Tall The right right-angle hand, palm facing the left, is held at the height the signer wishes to indicate.
Up Tax The knuckle of the right 'X' finger is nicked against the palm of the left hand, held in the '5' position, palm facing right.
Up Tea The right index finger and thumb raise and lower an imaginary tea bag into a "cup" formed by the left 'C' or 'O' hand, held thumbside up.
Up Teach The fingertips of each hand are placed on the temples. They then swing out and open into the '5' position.
Up Telephone
Position the 'Y' hand at the right of the face so that the thumb is near the ear and the little finger is near the mouth.
Up Tell
(say, speak, talk)
The right index finger, pointing left, describes a continuous small circle in front of the mouth.
Up Tell me The tip of the index finger of the right 'D' hand, palm facing the body, is first placed at the lips and then moves down to touch the chest.
Up Temperature The index finger of the right 'D' hand, pointing left, moves slowly up and down the index finger of the left 'D' hand, which is held pointing up.
Up Tendency The tip of the right middle finger touches the heart. The open right hand, palm facing the body, then moves away from the heart toward the palm of the open left hand.
Up Terrible
Both hands, their fingertips touching their respective thumbs, are held, palms facing each other, near the temples. They are thrown out before the face, assuming '5' positions, palms still facing.
Up Territory The 'T' hands are held together before the body, palms out. They separate and move back in a circle toward the chest, coming together again an inch or so from the chest.
Up Terror
(afraid, fear, fright, scared)
Both hands, fingers together, are placed side by side, palms facing the chest. They quickly open and come together over the heart, one on top of the other.
Up Test
Both 'D' hands, palms down, simultaneously execute a single circle, the right hand moving in a clockwise direction and the left in a counterclockwise direction. Upon completion of the circle, both hands open into the '5' position and move straight down a short distance. (The hands actually draw question marks in the air.)
Up Thank you
(you're welcome)
Touch the lips with the fingertips of one or both flat hands, then move the hands forward until the palms are facing up.
Up Their
The open right hand, palm facing out and fingers together and pointing up, moves out a short distance from the body. This is repeated several times, with the hand moving an inch or two toward the right each time. The hand may also be swept in a short left-to-right arc in this position.
Up Them
The right index finger points in turn to a number of imaginary persons or objects.
Up Then The left 'L' hand is held palm facing right and thumb pointing left. The right index finger, positioned behind the left thumb, moves in an arc over the left thumb and comes to rest on the tip of the left index finger.
Up Therapy The right 'T' hand is placed palm down or palm left on the left palm. The left palm pushes up the right a short distance.
Up There The right index finger points to an imaginary object, usually at or slightly above eye level.
Up Thin
The tips of the little fingers, touching, one above the other, are drawn apart. The cheeks may also be drawn in for emphasis.
Up Thing The outstretched right hand, palm up and held before the chest, is dropped slightly and brought over a bit to the right.
Up Think
(consider, speculate, thoughtful)
The index finger makes a small circle on the forehead.
Up Thirst
The index finger moves down the throat a short distance.
Up This
(or that)
The downturned right 'Y' hand is placed on the upturned left palm.
Up This month The upturned right-angle hands drop down rather sharply. The 'Y' hands may also be used. The extended right index finger moves down along the upturned, extended left index finger. The two signs are sometimes given in reverse order.
Up Thousand The tips of the right 'M' hand are thrust into the upturned left palm.
Up Through
(adverb, preposition, & adjective)
The open right hand is pushed between either the middle and index of the middle and third fingers of the open left hand.
Up Ticket
(baggage claim)
The sides of the ticket are outlined with the thumb and index finger of each hand. Then the middle knuckles of the second and third fingers of the right hand squeeze the outer edge of the left palm, as a conductor's ticket punch.
Up Time
(clock, watch)
The right curved index fingertip is made to tap the back of the left wrist a few times.
Up Tiny
The extended right thumb and index finger are held slightly spread. They are then moved slowly toward each other until they almost touch.
Up Tired Both 'C' hands are placed either on the lower chest or at the waist. The palms face the body. They fall away into a palms-up position. At the same time, the shoulders suddenly sag in a very pronounced fashion. An expression of weariness may be used for emphasis.
Up Title
(subject, topic)
The curved index and middle fingers of both hands, held palms out, move slightly to either side of the body, as if drawing quotation marks in the air.
Up To The extended right index finger moves forward slowly and comes to rest on the tip of the extended, upturned left index finger. This sign should never be used for an infinitive; it is simply omitted in that case.
Up Today The upturned right-angle hands drop down rather sharply. The 'Y' hands may also be used. The left arm, held horizontally, palm down, represents the horizon. The right elbow rests on the back of the left hand, with the right arm in a perpendicular position. The right 'D' hand, palm facing left, moves in an arc to the left until it is just to the left of the elbow. The two signs may be reversed.
Up Toilet
Shake the right 'T' hand in front of the chest with the palm facing forward.
Up Tomorrow The thumb of the right 'A' hand, placed on the right cheek, moves straight out from the face, describing an arc.
Up Tonight The upturned right-angle hands drop down rather sharply. The 'Y' hands may also be used. The left hand, palm down, is positioned at chest height. The downturned right hand, held an in or so above the left, moves over the left hand in an arc, as the sun setting beneath the horizon. The two signs may be reversed.
Up Toothpaste The signer mimes squeezing toothpaste onto the outstretched left index finger.
Up Touch
(noun & verb
touched, touching, feel)
The tips of the middle finger of the downturned right '5' hand touches the back of the left hand a number of times.
Up Travel
(noun & verb
traveled, traveling)
The downturned curved 'V' fingers of the right hand describe a series of small counterclockwise circles as they move in random fashion from right to left.
Up Tree The elbow of the upright right arm rests on the palm of the upturned left hand. This is the trunk. The right '5' fingers wiggle to imitate the movement of the branches and leaves.
Up Trouble
(noun & verb
problem, worry)
Both 'B' hands, palms facing each other, are rotated alternately before the forehead.
Up True
The index finger of the right 'D' hand, palm facing left, is placed against the lips. It moves up an inch or two and then describes a small arc forward and away from the lips.
Up Try
(noun & verb
tried, trying, attempt, effort)
The 'A' hands, palms facing before the body, are swung around and a bit down, so that the palms now face out. The movement indicates an attempt to push through a barrier.
Up Tutor
(noun & verb)
Both 'T' hands, palms facing, are placed at the temples. They move forward and back again several times. Used as a noun, this sign is followed by the sign for "individual".
Up Twins The right 'T' hand moves from the left corner of the mouth to the right corner.

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