Ezekiel 27

27:1 The word of the LORD came again to me, saying,
27:2 Now, thou son of man, take up a lamentation for Tyre;
27:3 And say to Tyre, O thou that art situated at the entry of
 the sea, [which art] a merchant of the people for many isles,
 Thus saith the Lord GOD; O Tyre, thou hast said, I [am] of
 perfect beauty.
27:4 Thy borders [are] in the midst of the seas, thy builders
 have perfected thy beauty.
27:5 They have made all thy [ship]-boards of fir-trees of Senir:
 they have taken cedars from Lebanon to make masts for thee.
27:6 [Of] the oaks of Bashan have they made thy oars; the
 company of the Ashurites have made thy benches [of] ivory,
 [brought] out of the isles of Chittim.
27:7 Fine linen with broidered work from Egypt was that which
 thou spreadest forth to be thy sail; blue and purple from the
 isles of Elishah was that which covered thee.
27:8 The inhabitants of Zidon and Arvad were thy mariners: thy
 wise [men], O Tyre, [that] were in thee, were thy pilots.
27:9 The ancients of Gebal and its wise [men] were in thee thy
 calkers: all the ships of the sea with their mariners were in
 thee to occupy thy merchandise.
27:10 They of Persia and of Lud and of Phut were in thy army,
 thy military men: they hung the shield and helmet in thee; they
 set forth thy comeliness.
27:11 The men of Arvad with thy army [were] upon thy walls on
 all sides, and the Gammadims were in thy towers: they hung
 their shields upon thy walls on every side; they have made thy
 beauty perfect.
27:12 Tarshish [was] thy merchant by reason of the multitude of
 all [kind of] riches; with silver, iron, tin, and lead, they
 traded in thy fairs.
27:13 Javan, Tubal, and Meshech, they [were] thy merchants: they
 traded in the persons of men and vessels of brass in thy
27:14 They of the house of Togarmah traded in thy fairs with
 horses and horsemen and mules.
27:15 The men of Dedan [were] thy merchants; many isles [were]
 the merchandise of thy hand: they brought thee [for] a present
 horns of ivory and ebony.
27:16 Syria [was] thy merchant by reason of the multitude of the
 wares of thy making: they occupied in thy fairs with emeralds,
 purple, and broidered work, and fine linen, and coral, and
27:17 Judah, and the land of Israel, they [were] thy merchants:
 they traded in thy market in wheat of Minnith, and Pannag, and
 honey, and oil, and balm.
27:18 Damascus [was] thy merchant in the multitude of the wares
 of thy making, for the multitude of all riches; in the wine of
 Helbon, and white wool.
27:19 Dan also and Javan going to and fro occupied in thy fairs:
 bright iron, cassia, and calamus, were in thy market.
27:20 Dedan [was] thy merchant in precious clothes for chariots.
27:21 Arabia, and all the princes of Kedar, they occupied with
 thee in lambs, and rams, and goats: in these [were they] thy
27:22 The merchants of Sheba and Raamah, they [were] thy
 merchants: they occupied in thy fairs with chief of all spices,
 and with all precious stones, and gold.
27:23 Haran, and Canneh, and Eden, the merchants of Sheba,
 Asshur, [and] Chilmad, [were] thy merchants.
27:24 These [were] thy merchants in all sorts [of things], in
 blue clothes, and broidered work, and in chests of rich
 apparel, bound with cords, and made of cedar, among thy
27:25 The ships of Tarshish did sing of thee in thy market; and
 thou wast replenished, and made very glorious in the midst of
 the seas.
27:26 Thy rowers have brought thee into great waters: the east
 wind hath broken thee in the midst of the seas.
27:27 Thy riches, and thy fairs, thy merchandise, thy mariners,
 and thy pilots, thy calkers, and the occupiers of thy
 merchandise, and all thy military men, that [are] in thee, and
 in all thy company which [is] in the midst of thee, shall fall
 into the midst of the seas in the day of thy ruin.
27:28 The suburbs shall shake at the sound of the cry of thy
27:29 And all that handle the oar, the mariners, [and] all the
 pilots of the sea, shall come down from their ships, they shall
 stand upon the land;
27:30 And shall cause their voice to be heard against thee, and
 shall cry bitterly, and shall cast up dust upon their heads,
 they shall wallow themselves in the ashes:
27:31 And they shall make themselves utterly bald for thee, and
 gird themselves with sackcloth, and they shall weep for thee
 with bitterness of heart [and] bitter wailing.
27:32 And in their wailing they shall take up a lamentation for
 thee, and lament over thee, [saying], What [city is] like Tyre,
 like the destroyed in the midst of the sea?
27:33 When thy wares went forth out of the seas, thou filledst
 many people; thou didst enrich the kings of the earth with the
 multitude of thy riches and of thy merchandise.
27:34 In the time [when] thou shalt be broken by the seas in the
 depths of the waters, thy merchandise and all thy company in
 the midst of thee shall fall.
27:35 All the inhabitants of the isles shall be astonished at
 thee, and their kings shall be terribly afraid, they shall be
 troubled in [their] countenance.
27:36 The merchants among the people shall hiss at thee; thou
 shalt be a terror, and never [shalt be] any more.

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