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Up Cafeteria The right 'C' hand is placed at the left corner of the mouth and moves over to the right corner.
Up Cake The fingertips of the right '5' hand are placed in the upturned left palm. The right rises slowly an inch or two above the left.
Up Calculator The left open hand, palm up, represents the keyboard. The index or middle finger of the right hand taps in numbers at random. The right thumb and index are then drawn down the left palm, outlining the shape of the calculator.
Up Calendar The right 'C' hand, palm facing left, moves up the left palm, over the fingertips, and down the back of the hand.
Up Call
The cupped right hand is held against the right cheek. The mouth is slightly open.
Up Calm The open hands are crossed before the mouth, the right palm facing left, left facing right. Then both hands, held palms down, move down from the mouth, curving outward to either side of the body.
Up Candy The right index finger, pointing left, is drawn across the lips from left to right.
Up Capital
The right index and thumb, forming a "C" , are held far apart.
Up Car
The hands grasp an imaginary steering wheel and manipulate it.
Up Care The 'K' hands are crossed, the right above the left, little finger edges down. In this position they describe a small clockwise circle in front of the chest.
Up Carry The open hands are held palms up before the chest on the right side of the body. Describing an arc, they move up and forward in unison.
Up Cat The thumbs and index fingers of both hands stroke an imaginary pair of whiskers at either side of the face.
Up Catch Both hands go through the motions of catching a ball.
Up Ceiling Both hands are held palms down above the head, index fingers side by side. The arms are separated while the signer looks up.
Up Cent The right index finger touches the right temple and moves up and away quickly. This is "one cent". For two cents, the '2' hand is used, etcetera.
Up Chair The extended right index and middle fingers are draped across the back of the same two fingers of the downturned left hand. The hands then move straight downward a short distance.
Up Change
(an occurrance)
Both 'A' hands, thumbs up, are held before the chest, several inches apart. The left hand is pivoted over so that its thumb points to the right. Simultaneously, the right hand is moved up and over the left, describing a small arc, with its thumb pointing to the left.
Up Cheese The base of the downturned right hand is pressed against the base of the upturned left hand, and the two rotate back and forth against each other.
Up Child The downturned right palm is extended before the body, as if resting on a child's head.
Up Chocolate The right 'C' hand makes a counterclockwise circle on the downturned left hand.
Up City The fingertips of both hands are joined, the hands and arms forming a pyramid. The fingertips separate and rejoin a number of times. Both arms may move a bit from left to right each time the fingertips separate and rejoin.
Up Clean
The right hand slowly wipes the upturned left hand, from wrist to fingertips.
Up Clock The signer taps the top of the wrist, indicating a wrist watch. The index fingers and thumbs are then used to form a pair of "C"'s and an imaginary clock is held up, as if hanging it on a wall or placing it on a shelf.
Up Close
Bring both flat hands together from the sides with palms facing forward.
Up Closet The right curved index finger is repeatedly hung over the extended left index finger, starting at the lower knuckle and moving successively to the fingertip.
Up Clothes With fingertips resting on the chest, both hands move down simultaneously. The action is repeated.
Up Coat
The tips of the 'A' thumbs outline the lapels of the coat.
Up Coffee The right 'S' hand makes a counterclockwise circular movement over the left 'S' hand.
Up Cold
(chilly, frigid)
Hold up both 'S' hands in front of the chest and shake them.
Up Color The fingertips of the right '5' hand, palm facing the body, are placed against the chin and wiggle back and forth.
Up Come Point both index fingers toward each other and rotate them around each other while moving them towards the body.
Up Comfort (able) Each downturned open hand alternately strokes the back of the other, moving forward from wrist to fingers.
Up Complain
The curved fingers of the right hand are thrust forcefully into the chest.
Up Computer The thumb of the right 'C' hand is placed on the back of the left hand and moves up the left arm in an arc.
Up Congratulate The hands are clasped together in front of the face and are shaken vigorously back and forth. The signer smiles.
Up Cook
The open right hand rests on the upturned left palm. The right hand flips over and comes to rest with its back on the left palm. (The action of turning over a pancake.)
Up Cook
Both open hands, palms facing each other, move down the sides of the body, tracing its outline to the hips.
Up Cookie The right hand, in the 'C' position, palm down, is placed into the open left palm. It then rises a bit, swings or twists around a little, and in this new position is placed again in the open left palm.
Up Copy The right fingers and thumb close together and move into the upturned, open left hand, as if taking something from one place to another.
Up Correct
"You are right!")
The right index finger, held above the left index finger, comes down rather forcefully so that the bottom of the right hand comes to rest on top of the left thumb joint.
Up Count The thumbtip and index fingertips of the right 'F' hand move up along the palm of the open left hand, which is held facing right with fingers facing up.
Up Cowboy Using both 'L' hands, the signer waves them forward and back repeatedly.
Up Crash
The fists come together with force.
Up Credit card The left hand is held palm up. The right hand, closed in a fist, is placed with the edge of the little finger on the left palm. The right hand moves back and forth.
Up Crowd The downturned claw hand moves straight forward.
Up Cry Both index fingers, in the 'D' position, move down the cheek, either once or several times. Sometimes only one finger is used.
Up Curious The right thumb and index finger pinch the skin over the Adam's apple, while the hand wiggles up and down.
Up Custom
Both 'S' hands, palms down, are crossed and brought down in unison before the chest.
Up Cute The fingertips of the right 'U' hand, palm facing the body, brush against the chin a number of times, beginning at the lips.

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