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Up Daily The right 'A' hand moves forward several times from its initial resting place on the right cheek.
Up Dance The downturned index and middle fingers of the right 'V' hand swing rhythmically back and forth over the upturned left palm.
Up Danger (eous) The left 'A' hand is held palm toward the body, knuckles facing right. The extended thumb of the right 'A' hand is brought sharply over the back of the left.
Up Daughter The thumb of the right 'A' hand traces a line on the right jaw from just below the ear to the chin. The right arm is folded on the left arm. Both palms face up.
Up Day The left arm, held horizontally, palm down, represents the horizon. The right elbow rests on the back of the left hand, with the right arm in a perpendicular position. The right 'D' hand, palm facing left, moves in an arc to the left until it is just above the left elbow.
Up Dead The open hands, fingers pointing ahead, are held side by side, with the right palm down and the left palm up. The two hands reverse their relative positions as they move from the left to the right.
Up Deaf The right index finger touches the right ear. Both 'B' hands palms facing out are then brought together until index fingers touch (sign for 'close').
Up Decide
The right index finger touches the forehead, (sign for "think"). Both 'F' hands, palms facing each other and fingers pointing straight out, then drop down simultaneously, (sign for "judge").
Up Delicious The right middle finger is placed on the lips, and then the hand moves down and out a bit. As it does, the thumb rubs over the middle finger. Both hands may be used.
Up Deliver Both open hands, palms up, move in an arc from left to right, as if carrying something from one point to another.
Up Demand The palm of the left '5' hand faces right. The right index finger is thrust into the left palm, and both hands are drawn sharply in toward the chest.
Up Deny The thumbs of both 'A' hands, positioned under the chin, move out simultaneously, each toward their respective sides of the body. The head may be shaken slightly as the hands move out.
Up Depressed Both open hands, palms down, fingers pointing down, slide down the chest to waist level.
Up Depth The right 'D' hand is held with index finger pointing down. In this position it moves down along the left palm, which is held facing right with fingertips pointing forward.
Up Describe
The 'F' hands, palms facing and fingers pointing straight out, are held about an inch apart. They move alternately back and forth a few inches.
Up Desert
The downturned curved right index finger draws across the lips, from left to right. The open hands, palms down, then spread forward and apart, indicating an expanse of land.
Up Design The right 'I' hand moves across the upturned left hand, from index finger edge to little finger edge, describing a series of curves. Optionally, the signer then places the index finger of the right '4' hand against the forehead and moves straight up.
Up Desire The upturned '5' hands, held side by side before the chest, close slightly into a grasping position as they move in toward the body.
Up Dessert Both hands, held in the 'D' position, palms facing, come together once or twice.
Up Diaper The thumbs and index and middle fingers of each hand point down and rest on each hip, as the signer mimes the closing of clips to fasten the diaper.
Up Different
The 'D' hands, palms down, are crossed at the index fingers or are held side by side. They separate and return to their original position several times.
Up Difficult The knuckles of the curved index and middle fingers of both hands are rubbed up and down against each other. Instead of the up-down rubbing, they may rub against each other in an alternate clockwise-counterclockwise manner.
Up Dirt Both hands, held upright before the body, finger imaginary pinches of soil.
Up Dirty The downturned right hand is placed under the chin. Its fingers, pointing left, wiggle repeatedly.
Up Disagree The right index finger touches the forehead. The 'D' hand, palms facing the body and index fingers touching, draw apart sharply.
Up Disappear The right open hand, palm facing the body, is held by the left hand and is drawn down and out, ending in a position with fingers drawn together. The left hand, meanwhile, may close into a position with fingers also drawn together.
Up Disappointed
The right index finger is brought sharply up against the lips, while the mouth is puckered up as if tasting something sour.
Up Discuss (ion) The right 'D' hand is held with the palm facing the body. It moves down repeatedly so that the side of the index finger strikes the upturned left palm.
Up Dishwasher Both hands, in the claw position, palms facing and one above the other, move back and forth in opposite clockwise/counterclockwise motion.
Up Disobey The right 'S' hand, held up with its palm facing the body, swings sharply around to the palm-out position. The head meanwhile moves slightly toward the left.
Up Dissatisfied
The crossed downturned open hands draw apart. The downturned 'B' hands, the right above the left, are positioned on the chest. They move straight down simultaneously.
Up Disturb The left hand, fingers together and palm flat, is held before the body, facing somewhat down. The little finger side of the right hand, held with palm flat, makes one or several up-down chopping motions against the left hand, between its thumb and index finger.
Up Divide
The two hands are crossed, with the right little finger resting on the left index. Both hands are dropped down and separated simultaneously, so that the palms face down.
Up Dizzy The right '5' hand, palm facing the body and fingers somewhat curved, swings around in a continuous counterclockwise circle before the eyes.
Up Do
(does, did, done, doing)
Both open hands, palms down, are swung right and left before the chest.
Up Doctor
Place the right 'D' hand or 'M' fingers on the upturned left wrist.
Up Dog The right hand pats the right knee, and then the fingers are snapped.
Up Dollar The right thumb and index finger trace the outline of a bill on the upturned left palm. Or, the right thumb and fingers may grasp the base of the open left hand, which is held palm facing right and fingers pointing forward; the right hand, in this position, then slides forward along and off the left hand, as if drawing bills from a billfold.
Up Don't know The right fingertips tap the forehead several times. The right hand is then flung over to the right, ending in the '5' position, palm out.
Up Door The 'B' hand, palms out and edges touching, are drawn apart and then come together again.
Up Doubt The right 'V' hand faces the nose. The index and middle fingers bend as a cynical expression is assumed.
Up Down The right hand, pointing down, moves down an inch or two.
Up Dream The right curved index finger opens and closes quickly as it leaves its initial position on the forehead and moves up into the air.
Up Dress
(clothes, shirt, wear)
Fingertips rest on the chest. Both hands are brought down simultaneously. Action is repeated several times.
Up Drink Move the right 'C' hand in a short arc toward the mouth.
Up Drive The hands grasp an imaginary steering wheel and manipulate it.
Up Dry The 'X' finger is drawn across the lips, from left to right, as if wiping them.
Up Due The index finger of one hand is thrust into the upturned palm of the other several times.
Up During Both 'D' hands, palms down, move forward in unison, away from the body. They may move straight forward or may follow a slight arc.

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