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Up Vacation With thumb tucked in the armpits, the remaining fingers of both hands wiggle.
Up Vacuum cleaner The extended right fingers are positioned above the upturned left palm. The right fingers move back and forth across the palm, while the fingers open and close very rapidly.
Up Valuable
(important, significant)
Both 'F' hands, palms facing each other, move apart, up, and together in a smooth elliptical fashion, coming together at the tips of the thumbs and index fingers of both hands.
Up Varied
(different, diverse)
The 'D' hands, palms down, are crossed at the index fingers or are held side by side. They separate and return to their initial position a number of times.
Up Various Both hands, in the 'D' position, palms out and index fingers touching, are drawn apart. As they move apart, the index fingers wiggle up and down.
Up VCR The signer fingerspells "V-C-R" - - .
Up Venetian blinds Both hands, palms down at chest level, are positioned with the right above the left, left fingers pointing right and right fingers pointing left. They both move down, while each wrist swivels back and forth, imitating the opening and closing of the blind.
Up Verb The right 'V' hand, palm facing the body and fingers pointing left, moves across the mouth from left to right.
Up Very The fingertips of the 'V' hands are placed together, and then moved apart.
Up Veterinarian The signer spells out "V-E-T" - - with the fingers.
Up Victory Both upright hands, grasping imaginary flags, wave them in small circles.
Up Videotape The left hand is held open, palm facing right. The right 'V' hand makes a circle around the left palm, ending in the letter 'T' , and resting on the palm.
Up View
The right 'V' hand, palm facing the body, is placed so that the fingertips are just under the eyes. Then both 'V' hands are held with palms down and fingers pointing forward in front of the body. In this position the hands move simultaneously from side to side several times.
Up Vision
The tips of the right index is placed on the forehead. Then both 'S' hands are held in front of the forehead, the left in front of the right. They open into the 'C' position, as the hands separate.
Up Visit The 'V' hands, palms facing, move alternately in clockwise circles out from the chest.
Up Volcano Both 'V' hands move up, coming together to form a peak. The hands are then closed and opened explosively, describing the eruption.
Up Vote
The right hand, holding an imaginary ballot between the thumb and index finger, places it into an imaginary box formed by the left 'O' hand, palm facing right.

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