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Up Each The left 'A' hand is held palm facing the right. The knuckles of the right 'A' hand are drawn repeatedly down the left thumb, from its tip to its base.
Up Ear The right index finger touches the right ear.
Up Early The middle finger of the downturned right hand rests on the back of the downturned left hand. The top hand moves forward, while the middle finger is drawn back against the palm.
Up Earring The signer squeezes the earlobe, which may also be shaken slightly.
Up Earth The downturned left 'S' hand indicates the earth. The thumb and index finger of the downturned right '5' hand are placed at each edge of the left. In this position the right hand swings back and forth while maintaining contact with the left.
Up Easy The right fingertips brush repeatedly over their upturned left counterparts, causing them to move.
Up Eat
(food, meal)
The right 'and' hand moves toward the mouth a few times.
Up Educate The fingertips of each hand are placed on the temples. They then swing out and open into the '5' position.
Up Egg The right 'H' hand is brought down on the left 'H' hand, and then both hands are pivoted down and slightly apart.
Up Electric The 'X' hands are held palms facing the body, thumb edges up. The knuckles of the index fingers touch each other repeatedly.
Up Elegant With the thumb resting on the upper part of the chest, the fingers are wiggled back and forth.
Up Elevator The right 'E' hand, palm facing left and thumb facing up, rises straight up.
Up Embarrass (ment) The sign for "RED" is made: the tip of the right index finger of the 'D' hand moves down over the lips, which are red. Both hands are then placed palms facing the cheeks, and move up along the face, to indicate the rise of color.
Up Emergency The right 'E' hand is positioned above the head. It rotates in imitation of a flashing emergency light.
Up Emotion The right middle finger, touching the heart, moves up an inch or two a number of times.
Up Emphasis (ize) The right thumb is pressed down deliberately against the upturned left palm. Both hands move forward a bit.
Up Encourage (ment) Both '5' hands are held, palms out, the right fingers facing right, and the left fingers facing left, The hands move straight forward in a series of short movements.
Up Encyclopedia The upturned left hand indicates the open page. The right 'E' hand, palm down, repeatedly brushes against the left palm, from fingertips to heel.
Up End
The upright '5' hands, palms facing each other, are suddenly and quickly swung around to a palm-out position.
Up Energy The left arm, fist closed, is extended, palm up. The right 'E' hand, palm down, describes an arc over the upper muscle area.
Up Engaged
(to be married)
The right 'E' hand moves in a clockwise circle over the downturned left hand, and the comes to rest on the left ring finger.
Up Engine With the knuckles of both hands interlocked, the hands pivot up and down, imitating the meshing of gear teeth.
Up Enjoy (ment) The open right hand is circled on the chest, over the heart.
Up Enough The left hand in the 'S' position, is held palm facing right. The right '5' hand, palm down, is brushed outward several times over the top of the left, indicating a wiping off the top of a cup.
Up Enter
The downturned open right hand sweeps under its downturned left counterpart.
Up Enthusiasm
The open hands are rubbed vigorously back and forth against each other.
Up Entire Both hands are held in the right angle position, palms facing the body, and the right hand in front of the left. The right hand makes a sweeping outward movement around the left, and it comes to rest with the back of the right hand resting in the left palm.
Up Envious
The tip of the index finger is bitten. The tip of the little finger is sometimes used.
Up Equal The downturned 'B' hands, held at chest height, are brought together repeatedly so that the index finger edges or fingertips come into contact.
Up Equator The right 'E' hand describes a circle around the left fist, which represents the planet.
Up Error
The right 'Y' hand, palm facing the body is brought up to the chin.
Up Escalator The right index and middle fingers "stand" on the left hand, which is held either up or down. The left hand moves up at an angle, carrying the right hand with it.
Up Escape The downturned right 'D' hand is positioned under the downturned open left hand. The right 'D' hand suddenly emerges and moves off quickly to the right.
Up Event Both 'D' hands, index fingers pointing away from the body, are simultaneously pivoted over so that the palms face down.
Up Every
The left 'A' hand is held palm facing the right. The knuckles of the right 'A' hand are drawn repeatedly down the left thumb, from its tip to its base.
Up Exact
(precise, specific)
The thumb and index finger of each hand, palms facing, the right above the left, form circles. They are brought together with a deliberate movement, so that the fingers and thumb now touch. Sometimes the right hand, before coming together with the left, executes a slow clockwise circle above the left.
Up Exaggerate The left 'S' hand, palm facing right, is held before the mouth. Its right counterpart, palm facing left, is moved forward in a series of short up-and-down arcs.
Up Example The right index finger points into the left palm, held facing out before the body. The left palm moves straight out.
Up Excellent The '5' hands, palms out and arms raised rather high, are positioned somewhat above the line of vision. The arms move abruptly forward and up once or twice. An expression of pleasure or surprise is usually assumed.
Up Exchange The right 'A' hand, positioned above the left 'A' hand, swings down and under the left, coming up a bit in front of it.
Up Excite (ed, ing, ment) Both middle fingers move up alternately to strike the heart sharply.
Up Expect The tip of the right index finger, held in a 'D' position, palm facing the body, is placed on the forehead. Both hands then assume right angle positions, fingers facing, with the left hand held above left shoulder level, and the right before the right breast. Both hands, held thus, wave to each other several times.
Up Expensive The right 'AND' hand lies in the palm of the upturned, open left hand. The right hand then moves up and away from the left, opening abruptly as is does. (As if dropping the money it holds)
Up Experience
(an event)
The tip of the middle finger of the downturned '5' hand touches the back of the downturned left hand. (TOUCH) The upright '5' hands, facing each other, are suddenly and quickly swung around to a palm out position. One hand only may be used. (FINISH)
Up Explain The 'F' hands, palms facing and fingers pointing straight out, are held about an inch apart. They move alternately back and forth a few inches.
Up Eye The right index finger touches the lower lid of the right eye.
Up Eyebrow The right index finger runs along the eyebrow, from left to right.
Up Eyeglasses The thumb and index finger of the right hand, placed flat against the right temple, move back toward the right ear, tracing the line formed by the eyeglass frame.
Up Eyes rolling around Both 'F' hands, palms facing, are held at eye level. They execute a series of small circular movements before the eyes.

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