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Habit Happy He Heavy Hers Hit Hot
Hair Hard 1 Head Height Hey Home House
Hair dryer Hard 2 Headache Helicopter Hide Honest How are you?
Hand Hard of Hearing Headline Hello High Honor Huh?
Hang Harm Health Help Highway Hope Humor
Hanger Hate Hearing Her Him Horse Hurry
Happen Have Hearing Aid Here His Hospital Husband

Habit (custom) Both 'S' hands, palms down, are crossed and brought down in unison before the chest.
Hair A lock of hair is grasped by the right index finger and thumb.
Hair dryer The right 'L' hand, thumb pointing up, aims the index finger at the hair as the hands move at random over the head.
The prone right hand is drawn over the back of the prone left hand. For the plural, the action is repeated with the hands switched. The little finger edge of the right hand may instead be drawn across the back of the left wrist, as if cutting off the left hand; and for the plural the action is repeated with the hands switched.
Hang The thumb of the 'Y' hand is placed at the right side of the neck, and the head hangs toward the left, as if it were caught in a noose.
Hanger The right curved index finger is repeatedly hung over the extended left index finger, starting at the lower knuckle and moving successively to the fingertips.
Happen Both 'D' hands, index fingers pointing away from the body, are simultaneously pivoted over so that the palms face down.
(glad, joy)
The open right hand, with palm facing body, strikes the heart several times. The hand moves up and off the heart after each strike.
The knuckles of the curved index and middle fingers of both hands are rubbed up and down against each other. Instead of the up-down rubbing, they may rub against each other in an alternate clockwise-counterclockwise manner.
The curved index and middle fingers of the right hand, whose palm faces the body, or the left, are brought down sharply against the back of the downturned left 'S' hand.
Hard of Hearing
The right 'H' hand drops down an inch or so, rises, moves in a short arc to the right, and drops down an inch or so again.
Harm The 'D' hands, index fingers pointing to each other, are rotated in an elliptical fashion before the chest--simultaneously but in opposite directions.
Hate The two open hands, palms facing left, are pushed deliberately to the left, as if pushing something away. An expression of disdain or disgust is worn.
Have The right-angle hands, palms facing and thumbs pointing up, are swept toward the body until the fingers come to rest against the middle of the chest.
He The right hand grasps an imaginary cap brim. The right index finger then points at an imaginary male. If in context the gender is clear, the prefix sign (cap brim) is usually omitted.
Head The tips of the fingers of the right-angle hand are placed at the right temple, and then move down in an arc to the right jaw.
Headache The index fingers, pointing to each other, move back and forth on the forehead.
Headline The right curved index and thumb sweep across an imaginary newspaper page, from left to right.
Health Both '5' hands are placed palms against the chest. They move out and away, forcefully, closing and assuming the 'S' position.
Hearing The right index finger, pointing left, describes a continuous small circle in front of the mouth.
Hearing Aid The right curved index finger is hooked onto the right ear, fingertips facing either forward or backward.
Heavy The upturned '5' hands, held before the chest, suddenly drop a short distance.
Height The index finger of the right 'D' hand moves straight up against the palm of the left '5' hand.
Helicopter The downturned left '5' hand is placed on the upturned right index and trembles or quivers as the right index pushes it up.
The right open hand waves back and forth several times.
(assist, aid)
The left 'S' hand, thumb up, rests in the open right palm. Both hands are then pushed up a slight distance.
Her The right 'A' hand's thumb moves down along the line of the right jaw, from ear almost to chin. The right index finger then points at an imaginary female. If in context the gender is clear, the prefix sign (thumb down jaw line) is usually omitted.
Here Hold both flat hands to the front with palms facing up. The open hands move back in forth in front of the body. Right to right, and left to the left.
(belonging to a female)
The female prefix sign is made. The open right hand, palm facing out, then moves straight forward a few inches. If in context the gender is clear, the prefix sign is usually omitted.
(waving for attention)
The open hand waves vigorously, with fingers pointing either up or at the person being addressed. This of course takes into account that deaf people communicate visually.
The thumb of the right 'A' hand, whose palm faces left, is placed against the lips. The hand the swings down and under the downturned left hand. The initial contact with lips is sometimes omitted.
High The right right-angle hand, palm facing the left, is held at the height the signer wishes to indicate.
Highway The downturned '4' hands pass each other as the right moves repeatedly to the left and the left repeatedly to the right. The downturned 'V' hands are often used instead of the "4's".
Him The right hand grasps an imaginary cap brim. The right index finger then points at an imaginary male. If in context the gender is clear, the prefix sign (cap brim) is usually omitted.
His The male prefix sign is made. The open right hand, palm facing out, then moves straight forward a few inches. If in context the gender is clear, the prefix sign is usually omitted.
Hit The right 'S' hand strikes its knuckles forcefully against the open left palm, which is held facing right.
Home The closed fingers of the right hand are first placed against the lips (eat), then opened to a flat palm and placed on right cheek (sleep).
Honest The index and middle fingers of the right 'H' hand, whose palm faces left, moves straight forward along the upturned left palm.
Honor The right 'H' hand, palm facing left, swings down in an arc from its initial position in front of the forehead. The head bows slightly during this movement of the hand.
Hope The tip of the right index finger, held in the 'D' position, palm facing the body, is placed on the forehead. Both hands then assume right angle positions, fingers facing, with the left hand held above left shoulder level, and the right before the right breast. Both hands, held thus, wave to each other several times.
Horse The 'U' hands are placed palms out at either side of the head. The index and middle fingers move forward and back repeatedly, imitating the movement of a horse's ears.
Hospital The index and middle fingers of the right 'H' hand trace a cross on the upper part of the left arm.
Hot Place the fingers and thumb of the right 'C' hand at the sides of the mouth, then quickly pivot the hand forward and to the right.
House The open hands are held with fingertips touching so that they form a pyramid a bit above eye level. From the position, the hands separate and move diagonally downward for a short distance; then they continue straight down a few inches. This movement traces the outline of a roof and walls.
How are you? Both middle fingers quickly sweep up and out from the chest. The eyebrows are raised in inquiry.
Huh? The downturned curved right index finger is thrown out and forward very slightly, while the signer follows the finger with a very slight forward movement of the body. An expression of inquiry or perplexity is assumed.
The tips of the right index and middle fingers brush repeatedly off the tip of the nose.
Hurry The 'H' hands, palms facing each other and held about six inches apart, shake alternately up and down. One hand alone may be used.
Husband The male prefix sign is formed: the right hand grasps the brim of an imaginary cap. The hands are then clasped together.

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