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Up Lady The thumb of the right 'A' hand moves down along the right jaw, from ear almost to chin. The thumbtip of the right '5' hand, palm facing left, is then placed on the chest, with the other fingers pointing up. Pivoted at the thumb, the hand swings down a bit, so that the other fingers are now pointing out somewhat.
Up Lamp The downturned '8' hand, positioned at the chin, flicks open a number of times.
Up Land
(expanse of ground)
Both hands, held upright before the body, finger imaginary pinches of soil. The downturned open right '5' hand then sweeps in an arc from right to left.
Up Land
(country, nation)
The right 'N' hand, palm down, executes a clockwise circle above the downturned prone left hand. The tips of the 'N' fingers then move straight down and come to rest on the back of the left hand.
Up Language The downturned 'F' hands are positioned with thumbs and index fingertips touching. The hands move straight apart to either side in a wavy motion.
Up Large Both 'L' hands, palms facing out, are placed before the face, and separate rather widely.
Up Last
(final, end of)
With the hands in the 'I' position, the tip of the right little finger strikes the tip of its left counterpart. The right index finger may be used instead of the right little finger.
Up Last
(endure, lasting)
The 'A' hands are held with palms out, thumbs extended and touching, the right behind the left. In this position the hands move forward in a straight, steady line.
Up Late The '5' hand and forearm, hanging loosely and straight down from the elbow, move back and forth under the arm pit.
Up Later The upright open right hand, palm facing left, moves straight out and slightly up from a position beside the right temple.
Up Laugh
(laughing, laughter)
The fingers of both 'D' hands move repeatedly up along the jaw line, or up from the corners of the mouth. The signer meanwhile laughs.
Up Law The upright right 'L' hand, resting palm against palm on the upright left '5' hand, moves down in an arc a short distance, coming to rest on the base of the left palm.
Up Lazy
The right 'L' hand is placed against the left should once or a number of times. The palm faces the body.
Up Lead
The right hand grasps the tips of the left fingers and pulls the left hand forward.
Up Leaf The left '5' hand, palm out, is the tree. The right thumb and index finger trace a shape of a leaf from one of the outstretched left fingers.
Up Learn
(learned, learning)
The downturned fingers of the right hand are placed on the upturned left palm. They close, and then the hand rises and the right fingertips are placed on the forehead.
Up Leather The thumb of the right 'L' hand is placed on the chest and moves down an inch or two several times.
Up Leave
(left, leaving)
The downturned open hands are held in a line, with fingers pointing to the left, the right hand behind the left. Both hands move in unison toward the right. As they do so, they assume the 'A' position.
Up Lecture The right open hand, palm facing left, is held above and to the right of the head. It pivots on the wrist, forward and backward, several times.
Up Left
(leave object)
The '5' hands, palms facing each other, and fingers pointing forward, are dropped simultaneously a few inches, as if dropping something on the table.
Up Lend The crossed 'K' hands, are moved forward simultaneously, in a short arc.
Up Length The right index finger traces a long line along the left arm from wrist almost to shoulder.
Up Less With palms facing, the right hand is held above the left. The right hand moves slowly down toward the left, but does not touch it.
Up Lesson The upturned open left hand represents the page. The little finger edge of the right angle-hand is placed on the left palm near the fingertips. It moves up and over, in an arc, to the base of the left palm.
Up Let Both hands, palm facing and fingers pointing away from the body, are held at chest level, almost a foot apart. With an upward movement, using their wrists as pivots, the hands sweep up until the fingers point almost straight up.
Up Let know
(inform, notify)
The fingertips are positioned on either side of the forehead. Both hands then swing down and out, opening into the upturned '5' position.
Up Letter
The right thumb is placed on the tongue, and is then pressed into the open left palm.
Up Level
(adjective, noun, & verb)
The downturned 'B' hands, held at chest height, are brought together repeatedly, so that the index finger edges or fingertips come into contact.
Up Liar
The index finger of the right 'D' hand, pointing to the left, moves along the lips from the right to left.
Up Library The right 'L' hand, palm out, describes a small clockwise circle.
Up License The 'L' hands, palms out, touch at the thumbtips several times.
Up Life The upturned thumbs of the 'A' hands move in unison up the chest.
Up Light
The open hands, palms up, move up and down together in front of the body, as if lifting something very light.
Up Light
(not dark)
The downturned '8' hand, positioned near the temple, flicks open a number of times.
Up Like
The thumb and index finger of the right open hand, held an inch or two apart, are placed at mid-chest. As the hand moves straight out from the chest, the two fingers come together.
Up Like
The outstretched index fingers are brought together, either once or several times.
Up Limit The right-angle hands, palms facing, are held before the body, the right above the left. They swing out 45 degrees simultaneously, pivoted from their wrists.
Up Listen The right hand is placed, usually slightly cupped, behind the right ear.
Up Little The right thumbtip is flicked off the index finger several times, as if shooting marbles, although the movement is not so pronounced.
Up Live
(lived, living, alive)
The upturned thumbs of the 'A' hand move in unison up the chest.
Up Loan
The crossed 'K' hands, are moved forward simultaneously, in a short arc.
Up Location The 'P' hands are held side by side before the body, with middle fingertips touching. From this position, the hands separate and outline a circle (or a square), before coming together again closer to the body.
Up Lock
(noun & verb)
The right hand, holding an imaginary key, twists it in the open left palm, which is facing right.
Up Locked Both 'S' hands, palms down, are crossed and brought down in unison before the chest.
Up Lonely The index finger of the right 'I' hand moves straight down across the lips once or twice.
Up Long The right index finger traces a long line along the left arm from wrist almost to shoulder.
Up Look
(looked, looking)
The right 'V' hand, palm facing the body, is placed so that the fingertips are just under the eyes. The hand swings around and out, so that the fingertips are now pointing forward.
Up Loud The right index finger touches the ear. The '5' hands, palms down, then move sharply in front of the body, in quick alternate motions, first away from and then back to the body.
Up Love Cross either the closed or flat hands over the heart with palms facing in.

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